Your Beliefs Make Big Difference

Don’t let any one tell you that your beliefs don’t make a difference in your life they do – a great deal of difference.

Parents – please consider what you do and DO NOT teach your children!

If your parents tell you that being kind is important and show that – then you might just believe and follow their example and that’s how it should be…

But let’s suppose your parents – say there is no god and that you are on your own and you are responsible for being your best and no one else is there to help you – you will think and act differently then those that believe in a God, pray, study scriptures and do other religious things… so it follows in many things, how you react to life’s problems, who you socialize with etc etc etc…

Suppose you are taught that money is the most important thing in life and that you need lots of it to live and be happy – how would you look at careers or maybe poor people or yourself if you are financially successful?

I could give many other examples but you get my point… again WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND WHY MATTERS… we are by nature a believing beings – weather it is true or not or correct in align with facts or science or even history or truth as we now know it is another story – so be flexible – we all can be mistaken or limited in our understanding no matter who we are …

Science is always changing and so are we – we my experience things we can not answer or prove one way or another, so be careful – we have a long ways to go – let me explain how I see us as eternal beings of Change!

I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints or commonly called lds or Mormons..

So I’m going to do a brief video on what I believe it is Not fully LDS OR Mormon doctrine and that is okay..

There is a great deal we know about he full plan of Salvation – enough for us to tested and tried by following it or disobeying it, we will be judged on it – either way – do yourself a favor and find out more about the lds plan of salvation – talk to a Mormon Missionary or LDS member who is active and faithful in the church!.

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