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With God “All Things Are Possible” – ATAP – this site is to help you learn to use all things – all tools – all gifts and everything else – which God had given you both with God and Man – ALL THINGS to bless one another in faith, use the Power of God and Man – to bring to pass great miracles….

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help us all grow in the grace of Christ!

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I hope you are growing in your understanding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints this church and your gifts, will help you MORE fully understand who Jesus Christ is and Who you really area son or daughter of the most High GOD, ( Godliness ) sent here to be victorious in the most important battle of your Eternal life! 

Let’s Prepare for the Second coming and much more…

To help Others in what ever way we can we need to

Look at who we are are what we can do the Power

Of Jesus the Christ – with him all things are Possible!

Learn more about our ongoing War

in Heaven, that continues today on Earth!

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Christ has call ALL of us to be a light and leader –

@!@ This is an example of “why following Christ and his Prophets is so important – that does not mean we can ignore great leaders in many other areas of our life – we should use both in our homes and lives!

Come follow me is what Christ has asked us ALL to do –

Do you hear and FELL that CALL – have you RESPONDED?

Does your group need more leadership training and coaching?

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You never regret making a great move with great people!!!