Strengths Weaknesses Vs Christ’s Foundation

Strengths and Weaknesses are important VS Sure Foundation CHRIST


Mindful Zion




Side tracks

@ Close Lord @

Loner –


Council with others Over you – mentors

Fast – Prayer – record inspiration and work on it

Keep commandments

Love spouse

Love Children

Learn more gospel

Love serve others

Foundation CHRIST

Covenant Path




Gift of Holy Ghost


Endure to end in righteousness

Follow Prophets

Joys in Kingdom


Divine ( Emotional and Mental actions ) Inspiration and faith ( Eternal Mindsets )

Build on what you love to do etc.!


Interact with others


Avoid Pride

Ask receive and act on inspiration,


Transition – ONE MENTOR AT A TIME!  Building on greater habits of SUCCESS!  – from working without Employers – to independent (Home based  Income Streams )

Budget Pay self first

Work from Profits

Work – Improve results –

Learn from better people and their successes –

Return and report

Now let’s look at some foundational habits that have to be in place BEFORE WE START a home based business…

You will need money and time to build a business Plus a mentor who has been there and done that before you!!!…

All of this is talked about by others great at this then me but my difference is spiritual and it is based in something you can not lose in or can it be taken away or be given to another… if you are true and faithful!!!@@@…

Having said that – many may ask what do you mean?

This spiritual foundation is in the restored gospel – yes did you know that the Christian gospel has been lost ( its doctrines, priesthood, covenants, keys and ordinance, just to mention a few of the lost or missing things…)  Only if you are looking for something better here can we go on and talk about more – that said, your family both living and extended family – even those that are dead can be affected for the good by this gospel…

The above source is –

here – @

There is much more to all of this see –

In the above site many questions can be answered – like –

How to prepare for a temple?  Our relationships with Jesus Christ and our temples.

What is and endowment?  Who is endowed and why is it needed today?

Where are temples located?   When can non members visit an open house or when the temple is first built and shared with the community – etc. etc.

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