Say Merry Christmas and Share Bible Videos

For well over a decade I have personally been fighting the corporate foolishness that goes against saying Merry Christmas to others because you could offend – if they are offended that’s their problem, and not ours!

This is a Christian nation and has been since and before it was founded officially in 1776!

The globalists and elite groups want faith out of the homes, out of the corporations and out of our lives and I for one will not give in to their great wickedness…  if you think the same way – do this for yourself and family..

1) Talk about Jesus Christ this Christmas, read the bible and scriptures together – share your faith with others and especially your children..

2) Start family religious traditions of prayer, scripture study, and talk – attend your church of faith and become active in the church of your choosing and faith!

3 ) Stand up for Christ in the public at work where possible and legally acceptable, in schools and other public places, but most importantly in your homes and communities – see the following video –

The following is a video about Prayer in school – I think we can do better then this but you get the idea!

Where is the fairness of picking on any religious group – especially Christians in America – it’s not right!

4 ) Say Merry Christmas to others and study with others in your homes and in other study groups!

5 ) Seek the spirit and gifts of Christ to help guild you on your daily life as you seek to Understand Jesus Christ and share his message with others – through out your life! 

6 ) Challenge others to do the same and get involved politically – BEYOND VOTING – so Christian and American Constitutional laws are upheld and obeyed in this great land of America!

7 ) Here’s a FREE Gift from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints


Watch and share these great scriptures and bible video with friends and family!

The following video is just and example of this – and Merry Christmas!!!

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