Prepared for the Possibility of Being Shut Down

YouTube and other Channels have had continual reports of shutting people down… this  has happened with several powerful groups over time for what ever reason…

If you are like others – this is a major concern… what can you do?

Use other sources, maybe less popular, use other companies, or servers etc.?

I would suggest all of the above but still use Youtube, but prepare for what might be another possible out come too.

So what do I mean?  Record your most important videos in another formate and save them on other domains, your drives of your choice and test – others videos – etc etc.

So – its extra work but here are some benefits – you have other sources to call upon, videos are stored in your drives, you use other domains and servers to protect your content and traffic – you encourage others – customers and others to use these other sites and sources – extra work? Yes!  Greater peace of mind? Yes!  More option and protection? Yes.

Remember its your content and your business – protect it!

So with this in mind you will have to do some other planning and work but I think – if you are on the same page as me – your content and traffic – even your business maybe a little more protected and safe…

You will need to learn to use and test different video formates and domains but that’s in a way an extra skill too…

Remember again, this is your content, your business and your information – do what you need to do to protect it…

You will have to do some more research and learn some more things about what video systems and formats you want to use, but for some it maybe well worth it – as often said the best defense is a great offense!

Think about it and act on it – we are talking about your income, and business future – build it and protect it..

Good day.

Roger Lee Martin from Billings MT – on popular gate way to two great national parks – Yellowstone and Gacier national parks…

PS – Think about your own written content and it’s protection too – in the same ways you think about your video content – again learn to protect both or all of your online content!

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