Page 1 About Council Wisdom and Work

No one is wise enough in this world!  Even Solomon had his faults!

Where did he and others fall down?  This is so easy to do, it is scary!!!…

You want to make the most of your life?  Great!

The Purpose of this site is to be wise and work with God and others to – overcome your weaknesses –

“Through Inspired Works of Both God and Man”@!@

The following are just some of the things we can do to work on our own weaknesses… 

1 – Learn to be humble, yet diligent – in seeking other peoples help and skills…

Don’t forget the Lord – or Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost!!..

@!@ Seek the Eternal WISDOM of God!!!

Also don’t forget my companion site To Move UP dot Com

This does not mean you can neglect your own skills or abilities!

Also see my word of caution – at bottom of this page – it’s important… !

You will need to get help and work with others – some are common people like us and others are experts, you’ll need both of them…

2 – Catch a vision of what is possible and start – getting others to join you – this has to be a big enough vision that others think they should join you and that they feel welcomed and needed in this vision, in fact they will need to think they are essential to this vision…

3 – Now, I say this with all the fear, and Faith – I possess, God knows where we need to be going, God can and does use experts outside of the LDS faith, that will be needed in every area of life you can think of from doctors, lawyers, politicians, skilled labors of all kinds, mostly those that are humble enough to work together and make a difference by what they can bring to the table of the group…

4 – Now the hard question.   Are we willing to work together, to bless one another?  Today – right now?

5 – Are we currently doing all we can in our homes and communities with groups that know and are applying this Vision so we can prepare for the future – there maybe others who are doing this in many ways – I’m not sure but I know for a fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is currently working on a plan to help us do so – and it beings with local small groups called – Self Reliance – See the Following LDS  site!


The wisdom of God is often in conflict with the Wisdom of men, in fact God say often their wisdom is foolishness to me!!!.