Nearly Fool Proof System

Have you ever heard the saying – if you don’t work the system – the system can’t work?

Let’s talk about commitments, we all have them, some of us do them better than others but I’m talking about commitments that we need to work on and are having problems with…

Maybe going to church, talking to your children, spending time with your children, stop drinking, stop smoking, loosing weight and on and on etc etc. etc.

Ask yourself this question – If I could choose any commitment that I’m currently struggling with to do and keep, which one would make the biggest difference in my life and with others around me?

Stop and think on this – what comes to your mind?  To your heart?  If this keeps coming up again and again – you need to work on finding a way to do and keep – this commitment!

AFTER YOU HAVE CHOSEN A COMMITMENT – ask your self what can I do differently now – to keep this commitment?

Some suggestions – find a friend a good friend and tell them what you are doing – ask them if they will work with you on this – change – Tell them you would like to help them with one of their commitments ( that you could help them with )  Tell them you need their help and that you would love to help them too…

Each of you pick a commitment you can help each other with…

Do what it takes to set up a time to review your progress and report to one another at least on weekly basis, do it every 2-3 days of best results!

Find ways to help and support each other out… Make this a life time habit for each other, and when you get one habit or commitment down – maybe after a year or so – choose a new one each year but don’t forget about these commitments – remember you are creating habits that will bless yourself and others for a life time – and if its in the area of faith ( and divine character ) it will be forever!   Think about that…

Let’s review – 

The Buddy System for better commitments ( habits ) for a better you and world! 

Together by using wisdom, council and working with others – we can make this world and ourselves better!

I call this the buddy system – you can do this is groups or as teams.

1 – Find a partner or friend that will help you work on this habit or commitment.

{ Make sure they understand what you are doing and what is required of them – simply to pick a habit or commitment they can help you with and report and contact each other on at least a weekly basis to help each other review their progress and to encourage each other to improve and keep your commitments ( habits of improvement ) …}

2 – after you both have chosen a commitment or habit to work on – chose a time to report and support each other on – say we will talk on Tuesdays and Thursdays on this at such and such a time Okay – keep this commitment.

3 – Get started – follow up and help each other move forward – encourage, support and help each other do this!

4 – After some time if this is done successfully – it will be a habit – depending on how well you are getting at this – pick another habit and continue working on the new habit – say once every year…

5 – Share this system with others and encourage this system to be used with others you know – Remember when we make ourselves better – we make the world better!

I’m going to give you an example in this in tithing – first video what is tithing? ( offerings too )

My story on the truck and tithing!

You first pay your tithing to the Lord and your church – 10% before taxes are taken out of your income…

Remember to pay yourself first, after your tithes and offerings, ( best way to budget your money! )

You man want many things but the lord has give you everything…  don’t forget the Lord and his laws and commandments – yes paying a tithe is a commandment!

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