Habits of Proven Success

These are the foundational habits for Success – in all areas of your life –

1 )  Start at home or with yourself – when you change the world changes too!

2 ) Have to have a habit of saving money and using it to make money – until your making money in greater then – any thing you can save – always pay GOD and your self first.

3 ) Create or have a place and time to work your business / self …

4 ) Have 110% commitment to your business and your self –  You never quit on this!

5 ) Have or find the Passion and mentors to help you succeed…

6 ) Daily spend time doing the following – never skip this…

A )  See yourself living this dream – its bigger then you and blesses a lot of people..

B ) You have a written and picture board of you living this dream

C ) Remember you plan it – work it and review it – always seeking to improve it…

D ) Always give thanks and be grateful for your blessings – love and serve others too..

E ) You give 10% to GOD, and you make offerings to man too –

F ) Ask for help from God and from mentors –

G ) You find want works and always seek to build on that and improve it…

H ) Show love for others and for god – no excuses – joy in your labors of blessing others…

I )  Honor God and others – be humble – Yet diligent in all things —

J ) Use this to build up Kingdom of God and to bless others…!


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