Divine Inspired Management System

What is the Divine Inspired Management System?

Well to me it begins with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost but there is a lot more to all of this…

In short – it’s connecting with the Power of Christ is some really useful ways..

    1.  Self Reliance
    2.  Inspired use of Gifts and talents
    3.  Goals – planning action and improvement
    4. Using other peoples gifts and leadership
    5. Growing your own leadership and unity with others
    6. Sharing this world wide
    7. Start in our homes and working with our communities
    8. It starts with our selves and spreads out from there!
    9. It begins with prayer, meditation, and applying what we are inspired to do daily, and moment by moment – there is no exception to this foundation…
    10. It uses the best in God and the Best in mankind and combines them in very unique ways
    11. This will change us for the better in all our systems from government to education to our homes and individual lives – in all that we do… It’s life changing and world changing…
    12. It uses the great untapped power in us and in god – the following is just one example of a mother and daughter making the world better –

Marie’s full video – here!

Here is another way with inspiration both from people and from God!

Sister Dalton’s full video – here!

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