Be More Responsible

Divine Inspired Management System

What is the Divine Inspired Management System? Well to me it begins with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost but there is a lot more to all of this… In short – it’s connecting with the Power of Christ is some really useful ways..  Self Reliance  Inspired use of Gifts and talents  Goals …

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Greater Self Talk Start It Now

Self talk and the habits to change, are essential partners for success! I don’t get a dime for this get the book. and start the habit for better life and self talk!!

Using Our Power of Godliness

I marvel at how how powerful we really are but often how childish and foolish we act on such trivial things, problems and trials of life…  ( Christ is be ye therefore perfect as our Father in Heaven is Perfect – do you know who we really are – how we see our selves and …

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Life is Like a Tangle cords and many Electronic Gadgets

When I say life is like MANY TANGLED CORDS AND MANY ELECTRONIC GADGETS –  I mean just that – this is quick and easy way to do things – you would think at first – but if you have problems and you always have problems – MANY OF THEM HAVE EMOTIONAL SCARS AND WOUNDS CONNECTED …

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