Basic Gospel Principles

Church History and Isaiah

There are many things in the bible that Indicate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is what it says but it still relies on faith and more!!!  Isaiah and the Messiah – BYU  Education week! Lord will hasten is work –   Bible  verses Fulfilled by modern church of jesus christ …

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Your Beliefs Make Big Difference

Don’t let any one tell you that your beliefs don’t make a difference in your life they do – a great deal of difference. Parents – please consider what you do and DO NOT teach your children! If your parents tell you that being kind is important and show that – then you might just …

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Plan Your Day with Lord and List

Original video is found here @ The following video – is edited by me but the lady in this video had a lot to say in a short time, more importantly she is working with the spirit of God and using a list, prayer, and the spirit of God – to bless her in …

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