Better Prayers and Spiritual Power

Pray the basics and much more!

Everything you do has faith and spiritual power connected to it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s work – family relations – a home business or ministering in your faith!

Please read and think about that statement again@!@

1 – Now, how do we increase that power – the number one way is to faithful to the spirit and it’s promptings at ALL TIMES and in ALL PLACE no matter what you do – think – say or request from GOD and others..

2 – Live as close to God as it is possible to do and repent in faith and get closer by doing the things the spirit has prompted you to do! 

3 – Keep returning to GOD, keep reporting in and keep improve your PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP TO GOD!!!

4 – Keep repenting and being BORN AGAIN – keep submitting to what the living prophets have suggested we do and keep learning to do HIS WILL  OVER OUR OWN WILL –  I did NOT say this would be easy – it’s not!!!

So let’s begin with some very basics and get extremely expert at using these tools and blessings and helping others to do the same…

Let’s begin with pray…

At first as children we need to get into the habit of doing pray but before the child turns 8 years old maybe from 5-8 years old they need to feel the spirit of god and get better at recognizing it and using it for help in their daily lives, this will take years to do well and this early age sets a foundation for these habits — moms and dads are the primary example of this – but its personal – some children will not get this – but must learn it as teenagers!

Some teenagers will not get this and it will be a problem all of their lives unless they repent!!!

Some adults will never get this unless they really learn to repent –


The sooner we build on this essential foundation the better off we will be, there are no exceptions to this – life and situations will drive us to God or away from him – because of our choices – this never changes either but all we be judged because of these choices…

After we teach children the habit of prayer – we need to teach them to feel and thing after the spirit so they can get the answers to their prayers they need to get through the great tribulations NOW on this earth – what a tall order for mom and dad but it’s essential this must be done as soon and as early as possible – they the children start solving problems in a an inspired way – beyond what you have taught them

This stage of receiving revelation and getting to higher levels of revelation never ceases – it will be going on forever until it is perfected in you and others…

Now the basics – 4 steps of prayer …

1 – Address Heavenly Father or call him Our Father in Heaven…

2 – Thank him for things your have received – think about this more… see the hand of God in your daily lives and thank him for it…

3 – Ask him for help with things you are having problems with –  but don’t forget to be working on these problems with yourself and others – working on solutions and asking him for confirmations  on these choices of how to solve these problems ( do the same with other sources of people who have solved these problems )!

4 – End all prayers in the Name of Jesus Christ  –  amen

Always return and report to god at the end of the day or before or as you go through life’s challenges – never stop praying and using inspiration to help you through life – you  were never supposed to so this work alone or on our own power alone – you will fail if you do this!…

5 – Always look for help by following living Prophets and local leaders in Christ’s church – The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints – they have gifts and powers not found any where else on this earth!.

I will talk  more about preparing for better spiritual pray in the future and about following up on what God has given you – but for now we will start with the basics!

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