Why are you Here?

There are times in your life when only getting the right ANSWERS to  questions in life, will do – nothing else matters…  have you ever been there – that was me in my latter end of junior year in high school!

So why are you here?  @@ Start Your Self Talk Program @@

There is an Inspired Divine Management System

used by some latter day saints, it begins with baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost,

but there is so much more – Look here for more information!!!

Great question but what is “Your” answer?

This answer must be personal and real – life changing if it’s true…

The Cell Phone both a blessing and a curse but why? The following video has

over 61 million views why???.

It’s not just the video but also the words from transcript we have the following almost 2 minutes into the video as follows!

****** From transcript ******

1:55 seconds into the video and I quote –
It’s not very likely you’ll make world’s greatest dad,
if you cant entertain a child without a using an iPad.
When I was a child, I would never be home,
I’d be out with my friends, on our bikes we would roam.
We’d wear holes in our trainers, and graze up our knees;
we’d build our own clubhouse, high up in the trees.
(Now the parks are so quiet, it gives me a chill)
to see no children outside and the swings hanging still.
There’s no skipping or hopscotch, no church and no steeple,
we’re ( a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people.)
So look up from your phone, shut down that display,
take in your surroundings, and make the most of today.
(Just one real connection is all it can take,)
to show you the difference that being there can make.
Be there in the moment,  when she gives you the look,

****** From transcript above ******

We need both of our worlds fully going tech and

real on hands and heart things – to become complete!

We need to work as much on the inside as the outside to become like GOD AND CHRIST ARE – we are gods – children – we need to do what he had done – to become fully like him – Christ showed us the way!

Mine was but it came through an unknown man – who gave me a blessing… but before we get to that story – I want you to watch the following video….

To start you on this process to answer the question – ” Why are you here on this earth at this time?”

Part of the rest of my story is found on