Your Purpose is So Important

Your purpose is Love and Serve others,

@!@ Learn to Give so your can Receive @!@

(after you find out what they want really want

and your business is to help them get it!!!)

Focus on This -This site is all about helping you set up

A) 4 Social Sites, Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

B) Build a Linkedin Contact list, and learn to build a group to use at least Facebook and Linkedin.

C) Training on videos, Facebook Live, ( Every one must learn facebook live, Linkedin list building, and ZOOM down load link).

D) Advanced training with – Wealthy Affiliates

( Your story and Blogs for Success )

Camtasia – ( Professional Youtube Video creations and more)..

ClickMeeting – ( Professional level – Only – Webinar and Screen Share and so much more! )

@!@  Relationship building with lists, stories, videos, and personal conversations, follow up, and training others to do the same!!!

This site is all about relationship building, and using Free tools to help you do that on Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube – Advanced tools – listed above…

So, set up 4 Social Sites, work on Linked list, and build relationships and your income with Cloud Token….

It’s important, to know your people first and find out if they are a good fit for your business and if they are the right fit, to work with one another…

Without this foundation and relationship, you are living with a weak foundation and relationship, this will never withstand the challenges of life…

You are not only partially in this business your are 110% in and your business partners and people know this, feel this, and love this part of the business…..

You will need More then great Faith to stick with this,

You will need results, training, and group building, after

You start doing the work and going after your dreams.

Learn to think about networking in a better bigger way…

What can you learn from these million dollar earners!!!

You can do this on the cell phone better in person or

on skype!!  My skype is go4it06  …

Join me on Skype!!!.

A) Growing Health Business or

Investment Business, ( Click Blue Link )!

either way you will use the following Skills,

Help You Achieve your Dreams,




We need to talk, Only with Real Communication and commitment can we understand one another enough to see if we can effectively work together@!@

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Too often we Quit, and we can easily loose our own way…

Don’t Quit, Don’t give up, learn,do and stick with it,

Work and Purpose are great foundations of any Success!!…

What happens when, things go wrong or when life is on the line?

Where do you go?   What do you do? 

Learn to reach to a power beyond your own…

What price will you pay go get close to God and have him on your side?